Jan. 30th, 2013

scribe_of_stars: LEAGUE COMMAND: "Fantasy Football" Redefined. (The nefarious Doctor Football!)
Emerging reports have it that Ray Lewis ingested a large quantity of "deer velvet" in an effort to recover from his triceps injury faster than normal. Our scientists assure me that the substance has no real effect on the recovery process, but it would seem that an overdose produces deleterious side effects. Lewis has sprouted an enormous set of antlers and is now stalking Bourbon Street, charging anything that appears threatening to him.

More on this story as it develops.
scribe_of_stars: LEAGUE COMMAND: "Fantasy Football" Redefined. (The nefarious Doctor Football!)
An LC New Orleans Special Operations Squad has succeeded in tranquilizing and restraining Ray Lewis, giant deer antlers and all. Upon Lewis's awakening, League Command representatives from Canton began questioning him regarding the use of possibly-illegal substances to speed his recovery. So far, Lewis has responded only by insisting that he is "the King of the Forest" and demanding his release so that he may go to the nearest wooded area and "rejoin his people." He has called his accusers "enemies of the court," whatever that means. I have a hunch, though, and at my request, my contact in the Conclave of Mages is en route to examine Ray and determine the nature and extent of his ailment.

As a child, my mother used to tell me fanciful stories. My favorite was one in which a mysterious fey creature offers a man his greatest desire, but then twists that wish fulfillment into his victim's worst nightmare for his amusement. This mess has all the hallmarks of just such a scenario. Why do people wonder why I have such an intense dislike of magic when both it and the Folk who wield it so consummately are this temperamental?


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